FIGUREing Out the Details

Course fee - $1200


Explore glass as a sculptural and conceptual medium. This class will focus on the techniques of solid sculpting, bit working, and surface sculpting the bubble. The demonstrations will focus mainly on the figure and how to create individual personalities within features and expressions.

We will begin to create our own sculpting vocabulary by developing original techniques, problem solving, and the use of standard glass-blowing techniques. We will emphasize making decisions while in the midst of the process while at the same time following a plan. We will cover a variety of the hot torch and color combinations through realistic figurative sculpting, by focusing on the details, i.e. irises, veins, fingernails.

As teamwork is essential, we will heavily on each other and learn to communicate with and run a team throughout the process. Bring your ideas, drawings, photographs, music; whatever gives you inspiration.  

Course Level: Intermediate/Advanced