2016. Free-hand sculpted glass figure, two way mirrors, wood, light. 48in H x 48in W x 24in D (120cm x 120cm x 60cm).                                                                Photo Credit: Evert Van Laere. Contact for pricing and availability.

Endless Night

Endless Night is inspired by the death and discovery of Alan Kurdi. When the image of this little boy dead on the beach made global headlines, empathy for the refugees fleeing Syria finally took hold. The image was everywhere constantly being shown, constantly in the news. Eventually we become desensitized… again.

I knew this image would make itself into my work. The figure ‘infinitely’ reflected, just as the image of this boy appeared in the media over and over again, pulling at our heart strings and bringing in ratings. Eventually it fades out, and we forget.

There was a moment when I was making this piece, specifically sculpting the shoes and the shoe laces, where the reality of this poor child’s last minutes hit me. The fear and confusion he must have felt as he was tossed around by the waves, not knowing what awaited him. Endless Night.